Uganda Youth Forum

Uganda Youth Forum is an indigenous Ugandan faith based NGO founded by the first lady of Uganda Hon Janet K.  Museveni  in 1992. The UYF secretariat is housed under the office of the first lady located at 12, Malcolm X, Kololo.

The UYF mandate is to provide a platform for open dialogue for the young people of Uganda on issues and challenges of growing up such as sexuality and relationships, adolescence, friendship and career choices. Faith, hope and purpose are cardinal messages underlying all UYF messages that accompany young people on their way to adulthood.

Broad development objectives of the organization are:
  1. To offer direction to youth and counsel them in light of HIV/AIDS epidemic and other health issues.
  2. To mentor and discipline the youth to become responsible citizens, confront issues of work ethics, moral integrity and positive living and provide them with entrepreneurship skills.
  3. To create and provide a forum for continuous dialogue with youth and their parents geared towards understanding the challenges youth face and seeking viable solutions for them.
  4. To create opportunity for the youth to network and support fellow youth and communities.
  5. To develop and implement programs that will encourage the youth to become morally upright.
  6. To ally with parents, teachers and community leaders to understand, support and value the youth.
Activities of the Uganda Youth Forum
  1. HIV/AIDS awareness seminars in schools and communities.
  2. Regional and annual youth conferences.
  3. Training of peer support counselors.
  4. Leadership training.
  5. Peer to peer counseling and support.
  6. Parenting seminars for parents and guardians.
  7. Training of Trainers in counseling, leadership and HIV/AIDS awareness.
  8. Counseling Youth.
  9. Community and school out reaches.

Uganda Youth Forum has had activities in different districts which include Kampala, Mubende, Mityana, Ntungamo, Bushenyi, Tororo and Pallisa.

For More Information:

Name: Ambasador Fancis Katana
Tel: +256782580975