Ntungamo delegation meets President Yoweri Museveni and First Lady/Minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni at State House Entebbe.


President Yoweri Museveni has assured Ntungamo District leaders of government’s continued support to the District in order to ensure social economic transformation of the people in the area.

The President, who was together with the First Lady Janet Museveni the NRM Chairperson for Ntungamo District, was meeting a delegation from Ntungamo District at State House Entebbe on Saturday.

The Ntungamo leaders visited the President to present a request from their District Council to split Ntungamo District into three Districts of Ntungamo, Kajara and Rushenyi and to divide Ruhaama Constituency into two constituencies of Ruhaama East and Ruhaama West. This, they say is intended to ensure effective service delivery to the people, mobilization for government programmes, lobbying for increased share from the national resource envelope and increased employment opportunities.

President Museveni explained that when Government started creating new Districts it had to follow a criterion; considering the area size and distance to the district headquarters, geographical bearing for example islands or a river separating an area and language barrier of the people in the area.

He admitted that Ntungamo District has been getting inadequate resources considering its large size (20,056sq km) and big population (560,256 people) compared to other Districts in Western Uganda.

He pledged to submit the proposals of increasing Ntungamo District’s road units from 1 to 3, the District Quota University Scholarships to 30 from the current 10 and the division of Ruhaama Constituency into two, to Cabinet for consideration.

He said creation of these new Districts will be considered in due course when Government is ready because currently it is focusing on priorities such as getting employment for the youth.

According to a memorandum read by Ntungamo District LCV Chairman Denis Singahache, the District Council which sat on 27/07/2017 under Minute 727 resolved that Ntungamo District be split into 3 Districts. The same Council under Minute 52015 resolved that Ruhaama County Constituency be divided into 2 constituencies of Ruhaama East and Ruhaama West.

President Museveni rejected the resolution by Ntungamo District Council to rename the Ntungamo Health Training Institute to YK Museveni Institute of Applied Sciences in recognition of his role in the NRA struggle and advised them to instead name it along historical areas of the National Resistance struggle like Nyamiyaga, Luweero etc.

Commenting on the stalled water project in Kahengye Kajara, the President attributed this to what he called undisciplined budgeting and trying to do many projects at the same time.

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni commended the leaders of Ntungamo for being united and always coming together to solve issues in their District. She also lauded them for being ardent supporters of the NRM Party.

In their memorandum, the people from Ntungamo also thanked President Museveni for the able pro-people leadership he has given this country and the numerous achievements they have benefited from the Government particularly the Decentralization policy through which the District of Ntungamo was created in 1993. They supported the resolution recently passed by the NRM Caucus for President Museveni as the sole NRM Party candidate for President in 2021.

The Ntungamo delegation included MPs Mwesigwa Rukutana (Rushenyi), Moses Mugabe Kahima(Ruhaama), Beatrice Rwakimaari (Woman MP Ntungamo) and Michael Timuzigu (Kajara), plus Ntungamo District Chairman Denis Singahache and his Executive, District Councilors, RDC George Bakunda, LC3 Chairpersons, NRM Mobilizers and Opinion leaders.



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