Welcome Message

My name is Janet Kataaha Museveni.  Since my childhood my passion has always been to lift up the down cast, the old and the vulnerable.  This has over the years developed into a deep desire to serve humanity.  I have been involved in spearheading efforts to raise orphans and vulnerable children, protect the abused and to provide guidance and direction to the youth of Uganda.

I have initiated programmes for the marginalized such as helping the Karamajong women to grow enough food for their communities, launched Safe Motherhood Programmes country wide, provided Micro-Credit for Women in Ntungamo and Mukono, provided guidance and counseling clinics for youth dealing with HIV/AIDS through our abstinence programmes. All the above have been founded on this passion to serve.

When my husband became the President of Uganda in 1986, we inherited a shattered nation.  The many years of war and bad governance left many families separated and many children orphaned.  The invasion of HIV/AIDS made the bad situation worse by creating more orphans. My heart was grieved over this situation as a mother of the nation.

In response, I launched an organization that helped to take care of these orphans and supported grand mothers to fill the family gaps left by their departed children, who were dying of HIV/AIDS.

I am grateful to God that many years down the road, these children have grown, finished school and are independent children who are able to raise their own families, and even take leadership positions in various sectors of our nation Uganda. As a mother and now a grandmother, it gives me a lot of joy to see children who had lost hope, now able come to this level in society.

This is the God given purpose for which I have been called here on earth.  To serve mankind is to serve God and therefore to serve a higher purpose and to answer higher calling.  This kind of call goes beyond position and influence. It calls for a lot more responsibility, greater care and courage in the face of challenges. It is a continuation of the work of God through Christ Jesus here on earth.

In all my organizations, it is this attitude that I have promoted and would like to pass on to the next generation.

I am grateful to God for the life he has given us and for returning our country to a path of restoration and growth. The path that promotes humanity and I am optimistic about the future. Please join me on this path to serve and care for humanity and to create an enabling environment for the next generation.

For God and My Country