First Lady Urges Youth to Bear Fruits of the Spirit

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Museveni, has urged the youth to bear fruits of the Spirit because they belong to the vine who is Jesus Christ.

It is you the branches who must bear fruit of the Spirit. Wherever you are positioned, the world must see that fruit in you through your conduct, your attitude, your actions and your words. And by your fruits, they shall know that you belong to Christ. The fruit also contains the seed; therefore within you, are the seeds that will perpetuate the Kingdom of God in this nation and it is your duty to nurture that seed as you yourselves have been nurtured.

The First Lady was speaking during the opening ceremony of a 3-day youth conference organised by the Covenant Nations Church based in Luzira, Kampala, on Wednesday. The Conference is running under the theme “BORN FREE”.

Mrs Museveni noted that the present generation in Uganda have been born free from foreign rule, free from life in exile, civil war and displacement, free from reproach, shame and scorn by other nations, free from life threatening childhood diseases like polio and measles and even from the menace of HIV and AIDS and free from a life of ignorance for lack of education. She said that above all, the present generation is free from Satan’s enslavement because they are saved, set apart and sealed in Christ for God and free to worship HIM without hindrance in the nation today.

Mrs Museveni, however, noted that with so much blessing and privilege in Christ, comes also much responsibility for the one who has been set apart and united with Christ, saying “to whom much has been given, much will be required.’’ She said that the heart of Jesus Christ is for those who are still lost in sin adding that Jesus Christ has saved us and sealed us for God and placed us in the world for a purpose of being partners in the work of saving lost souls.

The First Lady further said her prayer for the youth is that they subject themselves to the training process that God is taking them through so that they are ready for the special calling the Lord has for them. She noted that when they follow through God’s calling and designs, they will for sure be enabled train their inner ear to listen to God with all the seriousness so as to be worthy of their God appointed destiny as He always maintains a remnant of people who believe HIS Word and refuse to compromise their positions.

Mrs Museveni emphasized that God is the answer to all the problems that the youths are facing today adding that the word of the Lord is the only absolute moral standard and compass that humanity has. She stressed that “if we remove it, we will sink into the abyss of moral relativism which we see in the world today where everybody does what they believe is right in their own eyes.” She expressed her thankfulness that a new generation of parents is seeking God for answers to the challenges that youth are facing.

Hon. Janet Museveni noted that acknowledging that we have a problem in our society is also important because you cannot treat what you do not know. She said that the enemy always wants to keep people asleep because it is when people are in spiritual slumber that their adversary inflicts most damage. She added that when people wake up and begin to ask themselves why the situation is the way it is, they are already half way to getting the answer.

The First Lady further noted that seeking God for solutions to specific challenges that society is facing is the next thing. She said that the conference was meant to bring the youth together so that they deliberate on discussions with a view to sending the message that “you are valued partners in the process and the only way to get the results we need is coming together and partner with each other.”

Mrs Museveni observed that the implementation of the answers and solutions that come out of this process was what brings the lasting change that we are looking for. She stressed that it was important that each youth at the conference should feel the weight of the responsibility that they have to make the best choice for their life and their future. She said the idea of a generation BORN FREE is beautiful to behold and that Africans have for so long identified with slavery and bondage with helplessness and failure. She, therefore, noted that it was truly liberating to see a generation that identifies with freedom instead.

The First Lady prayed to God who was always faithful to answer our hearts’ cry when we were facing the darkest of times, is still that same Father who will no doubt give the youth the answers that they seek, the solutions that we all need and the direction that we all desire.

Mrs Museveni expressed happiness to open the first ever “BORN FREE” conference at the premises of the Covenant Nations Church saying that it was also uplifting for her to be in that Church because, she added, has always prayed and believed that one day, the alumni of the Uganda Youth Forum (UYF) will rise up to testify to the impact that UYF had on their lives and generation. She noted that it was a blessing to have God answer her prayer in a very special way adding that the testimony of the “BORN FREE” conference declares that the Uganda Youth Forum bore lasting fruit and that just like the mustard seed that starts out so small but grows into a big tree that the birds of the air can nest in it. She said in her opinion, the conference is an offshoot of the original UYF and it builds on the foundation that was laid long time ago.

The First Lady disclosed that she joined with a few other parents and out of that prayer and seeking God, the Uganda Youth Forum was born with their goal not only being simply to prevent the HIV/AIDS scourge but more so to give young people a vision for their lives from God’s perspective. She noted that it was so amazing at how dramatically God answered “our prayers and used the humble seed of prayer and faith to birth a revolution among our youth that saw the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate go down from 30% to 6%.”

Pastor Patience Rwabwogo of the Covenant Nations Church urged the young people to rise up and ran the race of faith in order to win and receive the victory crown from God. She said that the youth should take so much of the word of God in order to achieve their dreams adding that “there is no limit the devil and the world can put on your life to achieve what God has planned for you.” She said the conference was meant to train the youth in order to pass the baton to them to run the race.

Pastor Patience Rwabwogo strongly called on the youth to be connected to God who can answer all their needs and questions. She said that God knows them and sees them and that their life matters to Him. She stressed that young people are so special and that this generation of people have not seen war, roadblocks, and experienced exile life and lived as refugees among others. She said many countries have their citizens come to Uganda as refugees but Ugandans have not gone out to be refugees as they are all at home.