First lady lauds young generation’s involvement in church

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni has commended the young generation for getting involved in church and said she feels very proud to see young people praying for the country.

“Thank you for learning to pray and for being faithful to prayer”, the First Lady told the congregation comprising mostly young people who attended prayers at the Covenant Nations Church (CNC) Luzira on Friday evening.

The Covenant Nations Church was completing 40 days of Prayer and Fasting which started in February.

“When we get a critical mass of the young generation who know God and pray, Uganda will become better, stronger and richer”, she said, adding that if people are really praying for their nation, and their Nation is under God, then that nation cannot be intimidated by anything and they can overcome all challenges.

She said that Africa requires a lot of prayers and people who have a stake in building their homeland, and that it is through intercession and prayer that our nation and the African continent will come out of darkness. She observed that all developed countries were built on the foundation of God and prayer.

She commended the Covenant Nations Church members for joining hands in prayer and fasting and described this as birthing a new generation of intercessors and prayer warriors in Uganda.

Janet Museveni, who confessed that her whole life is a Prayer journey, encouraged people to learn to pray purposely and without ceasing until answers are provided. She advised them to ensure that God comes first in their lives and to also have definite times of prayer.

Pastor Patience Museveni Rwabwogo said that God was going to use the Covenant Nations Church as an epicenter or ground zero of the things He would like to do for Africa. She added that what will be declared at the CNC Altar will be far reaching and this calls for raising up intercessors and people who have a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.

She welcomed visiting Pastors in the congregation saying that this exhibits fellowship, unity and friendship, the principles through which God works.

Pastor Michael Kimuli from the Christian Discipleship Ministries, who was the Preacher of the day, revealed that way back in 1998 a group of intercessors, including him, declared an Altar to be located at the premises of an old abandoned factory, which is the exact place where the Covenant Nations Church is located right now.

He shared about intercession, saying it is serious work and is the backbone of the Church.  He thanked God for restoring the heart of intercession and said that the future of Uganda lies in the hands of intercessors because intense prayer can shape the history of the nation. He prayed that all Born Again Christians join the Ministry of Jesus and stand in the gap as intercessors. He explained that an intercessor must be devoted, patient, a person of vision, full of the holy spirit and must always trust in the Lord. He added that an intercessor is like an attorney in the heavenly courts.

Pastor Kimuli cautioned Christians to desist from the habit of grumbling and also urged them to utilize the platform of the many available Christian Radios and Televisions Stations in the country to glorify God. 23/03/2019




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