First lady lauds heritage international school for twenty-five years educating children in Uganda

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni has lauded Heritage International School for the twenty -five years it has been involved in equipping children in Uganda.

“I congratulate the visionary founders who started the journey of faith in 1994 and those who have faithfully carried it forward up to 2019. Each one of you has in your own way added a brick to this great vision and today we celebrate your hard work, diligence, your resilience and your never giving up spirit” she said.

The First Lady was on Friday 31st May 2019 officiating at the Heritage International School Class of 2019 graduation ceremony at the school campus in Kansanga Kampala where a total of 13 students were awarded High School Diplomas.

Mrs. Janet Museveni said that the Education Sector is in the business of developing human capital which is the software that shapes the rest of the nation and it supports the private sector as a key partner in building Uganda. She added that the NRM Government is cognizant of the fact that each child is precious and that is why it introduced the UPE and USE schools to ensure that all children of Uganda access basic education.

She hailed the Christian foundation of Heritage International School and the holistic education they provide to the children. She however challenged them to reach out and instill the values they teach at their school to some others in the neighbourhood. “Perhaps you could periodically visit a UPE school and share in an activity or make a donation. Who knows your investment in time and resources could inspire another child”, she encouraged the Heritage Internal School proprietors.

The First Lady congratulated the High School graduates and told them that Uganda and other nations are looking to them to make a significant contribution in building their motherlands.

She encouraged them to use the lessons of perseverance that have enabled them progress from first grade to grade twelve in the next phase of their lives. “This is just the first graduation of many to come. Set the next goal for your next graduation and keep your eyes fixed on the goal.”, she advised and told the high school leavers that as they embark on their next phase of life, they should always remember that they are indeed a great heritage from the Lord.

She thanked the founders, teachers, parents and guardians and other stakeholders for the children they have nurtured through the years, saying that it is God who will reward them.

Rev. Tim Stevenson the Board Chair Heritage International School said that investing one’s energy in service is a fulfillment of God’s plan. He said that at Heritage International School they believe that people don’t have to come to the end of their lives with a ghost of unfulfilled potential, talents and skills. He thanked the graduating Class of 2019 for dreaming big saying that   the idea of the First Lady officiating at this graduation was their big dream that God has answered. He reminded the graduates that it is God who gives all opportunities.

Rev Stevenson and his wife Colleen, who are some of the founders and Board Members of Heritage International, are missionaries with Church of God Mission and Kinder International Development Services. They are also involved in projects such as construction of wells and child sponsorship schools that target vulnerable and are administered in the Harambe style in Moyo, Jaana Island, Sipi Falls and Rukungiri. They have started over 200 schools in Uganda and have also built homes for the elderly through their program of Jjajja Njagala.

David Luwagga the 2019 Class President said they had completed 1,022 days since they began their journey and commended his classmates for not giving up on the way and for striving to achieve this diploma. He urged his colleagues, as ambassadors of change in this world, to work hard at the different disciplines they are going to pursue at University and to always allow Jesus Christ to guide them in whatever they do.

As part of the activities of the day, the First Lady also opened the School Chapel and an Early Years Building which is an education facility for young children up to 5 years of age.




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