First Lady in white attire with a hat together with Hon Jennifer Namuyangu (on her left) and Hon Persis Namuganza (extreme left) pose with some of the Women Group Leaders from Kabweri Subcounty Kibuku District after the groups were commissioned on Saturday.


The First Lady and Minister for Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni on Saturday commissioned eight Women Groups in Kabweri Sub County in Kibuku District with a call to men to stop spending a lot of time in trading centers gossiping and drinking alcohol and instead join their wives in food production.

The First Lady commissioned the groups at Kabweri Primary School during a function organized by the Woman MP Kibuku District also State Minister for Local Government Jennifer Namuyangu. The function was also attended by Ministers Michael Werikhe (State for Trade), Aggrey Bagiire (State for Transport) and Persis Namuganza (State for Lands) plus Tanga Odoi the Chairman NRM Electoral Commission among others.

Mrs. Janet Museveni advised the people of Kibuku District to participate in commercial farming and to always think about food production as the first project in eradicating poverty in their households.

“Food production should be the first project you think about when you are planning on poverty eradication and farming should not be left to be done by only women or men but should be done as a family. You must unite as families to fight famine and poverty in your homes”, she said.

She pointed out that wise men plan with their wives and work together to eradicate poverty in their households and advised the people to stop thinking that fighting poverty in households requires one to have a lot of money.

“Use whatever you have at family level to fight poverty in your households, for instance a goat, sheep, a cow or growing beans or groundnuts, as long as you are smart and have financial discipline,” she advised. She also encouraged families to always have a plan for each year and have a book where they record their needs and expected income and expenditures. She also urged them to develop a saving culture.

She argued that family heads that have made such plans, have no time to waste on none issues like sitting in trading centers taking alcohol and gossiping because they have to ensure that they generate an income for their families.

Mrs. Museveni cautioned the men of Kibuku to desist from the bad habit of some African men who decide to marry more women whenever they acquire more money, saying this breaks the families’ unity and invites poverty.

The First Lady, who said she was in Kibuku to support Hon. Namuyangu’s effort to eradicate poverty at household level, extended financial support to the women groups’ SACCO and described this support as a seed that she has planted and which should not be eaten but left to multiply in order to support the women get out of poverty.

She assured Ugandans of government’s commitment to support SACCOs to enable people borrow money to do small businesses and eradicate poverty. She however cautioned those intending to borrow against spending the money on alcohol and to always ensure that they are ready to pay back.

“You should not fear borrowing money but learn to make good use of it. It is possible for women to save a lot and establish their own bank just like the Bangladesh women did”, Mrs. Museveni said.

She hailed Hon. Jennifer Namuyangu for supplementing government work by supporting Women groups. She pledged that the Education Ministry would consider to support the face lifting of Kibuku Secondary School where Namuyangu attended her secondary education as had been requested.

Hon. Jennifer Namuyangu decried the poor standard of education in the district which she attributed to high numbers of children in class compared to the number of teachers. She also lamented about the increasing cases of school drop outs especially the girls due to failure of parents to provide basic requirements and midday meals, poor parents and unconducive community and school environments.

She pointed out that children with special needs especially those with hearing impairment are not accessing education easily under inclusive education due to lack of teachers for special needs in the normal schools.

She reported about the rampant encroachment of school land affecting the education sector in Kibuku and the lack of a functional technical and vocational institute in the District.

Hon. Namuyangu requested government to find an alternative livelihood for the people of Kibuku who encroach on wetlands and to also consider constructing a fruit factory in Kibuku to produce juice since the Bukedi sub region is well-known for fruit growing.

The LC V Chairman Kibuku District Kadiama Busolo Charles thanked Government for the infrastructure development and other development programmes that the 9- year old District, curved out of Pallisa, has benefitted from. He cited the two tarmac roads of Pallisa- Bulangira- Kamonkoli and Pallisa- Tirinyi, plus the ongoing rehabilitation works on the Nakalama-Tirinyi-Mbae road.



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