First Lady bids farewell to Ed Barnet of DFID-UK

The First Lady and Minster of Education and Spots Mrs. Janet Museveni has bid farewell to Ed Barnet who has been DFID’s Human Development Team Leader and Education Advisor in Uganda.

Ed Barnet, whose next duty station is Beirut, Lebanon after a four-year tour of duty in Uganda, called on the First Lady at State House Nakasero on Wednesday to take leave of her.

Mrs. Museveni appreciated the good working relationship and support that Ed Barnet has accorded to the Education sector while working with DFID and the Education Development Partners in Uganda as a whole.

“When you get used to people you want to continue working with them, but which is not possible at times. I pray that God enables you to settle in well in Lebanon”, she told Barnet.

Ed Barnet informed the First Lady that he first came to Uganda in 2000 as a University student and taught in a missionary school outside Kampala, then he returned in 2005 on research and then in 2015, he came back and started his tour of duty with DFID.

He appreciated the times they, together with other Education Development Partners, have had with the First Lady to dialogue on education issues in Uganda.

Ed Barnet shared his personal reflections on what he feels are the challenges that still need to be addressed in the education sector.




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