First Lady meets Chineese Delegation 

Chinese investors interested in introducing Vocational training in Secondary schools 24/11/2018

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Jane Museveni has met with Chinese Investors who are interested in introducing vocational training in Secondary Schools in Uganda.

The Chinese Investors from AVIC International Project Engineering Company (AIPEC), a subsidiary of Aviation Industry of China International Holding Corporation, met the First Lady on Thursday at State House Nakasero. They introduced to her a proposal of a project they want to introduce in Uganda named ‘Secondary Education and Training Upgrade Project’(SETUP), which is expected to upgrade approximately 100 secondary schools into vocational training institutions for basic skills.

In their presentation by Jin Yetao the Director Technical and Vocational Training (TVET), AVIC International Holding Corporation, the Chinese Investors explained that the proposed project will focus on the secondary school level where the drop-out rate is very high and will also bring tailor made majors and practical life skills for the girl child to build their potential to engage in business in the future.

They argued that many students from secondary schools in Uganda graduate into unemployment because they lack the requisite skills required by many companies and employers and therefore there was need for a series of tailor-made trainings to close this gap.

The Chinese said that the Secondary Education and Training Upgrade Project, if implemented, will effectively help Ugandan Secondary School leavers to tackle the unemployment issue, alleviate Ugandan youth unemployment and accelerate the realization of Uganda’s Vision 2040.

The highlighted skills planned to be introduced in the schools within the proposed project scope were agriculture and agribusiness which includes crop production and technology, agriculture machinery operation, food processing and storage, landscape gardening, poultry and livestock farming, coffee extension workers.

The project also hopes to skill the secondary school students for the service industry including beauticians, hospitality, hair dressing and cooking. Under the manufacturing industry, students will be skilled in shoe making, knitting and weaving, leather processing, garment designing and textile machinery operation. Skills needed for infrastructure and construction like brick laying, plumbing, painting and decoration, construction machinery operation and welding will also be taught in the schools.

The First Lady described the proposal as very interesting at a time when the Education Ministry is looking for answers for the problem of school leavers who graduate with theoretical knowledge but cannot be employed because they lack skills.

She pointed out that including vocational training in the secondary school education can be considered in the on-going curriculum review and requested the Chinese investors to consider the possibility of starting with the training of instructors in the many technical and vocational institutes in the country. She said if these get the required specialization, then the institutes will be filled up with students to benefit from these skills.

She thanked people who are willing to work with the Education Ministry to lift the young people, who she said are trained for white collar jobs, but which are very few and leave many of them unemployed. She said if young people get the skills, they will harness the raw materials in the country and contribute to the development of the country.

The First Lady recommended further consultations between the Investors and the Education Ministry Technical team.






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