First Lady and Minister of Education Janet Museveni addressing Ntungamo district NRM leaders during a meeting in Ntungamo -July 4th,2018


The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni, who is also Ntungamo District NRM Chairperson, has urged NRM leaders at all levels in Ntungamo District to rally support for the official NRM Flag bearers in the forth coming LC1 elections in order to sustain the peace and steady progress in the District.

She said that the LC1 level is the foundation for all leadership and development since that is where everybody lives and therefore the election of the leaders for this Administrative Unit must be accorded great respect because a peaceful foundation means a peaceful society and country.

Mrs. Janet Museveni was addressing NRM Leaders from Ntungamo District during a meeting she convened on Wednesday at her country home in Irenga to strategize and ensure that the NRM Party sweeps the forthcoming LC1 elections throughout the District. The LC1 elections in the country are scheduled for Tuesday 10th July 2018.

The meeting attracted 240 people including MPs from Ntungamo District, the District NRM Executive, Ntungamo District LCV Chairman and his Executive, RDC, District Councilors, LC III Chairpersons and Subcounty NRM Chairpersons, Youth leaders, District NRM Election Officials, Opinion Leaders, leaders of the business community and the NRM Task Force aka Nyekundire members.

Mrs. Janet Museveni urged the NRM leaders to mobilize the people to elect LC 1 leaders who have a stake in a peaceful country. She also encouraged them to openly talk to the people about the achievements of the NRM Government and also request them to elect the NRM Flag bearers so as to maintain the peace and development in the District. “You are the people at the grassroots and you should not leave any room for our detractors to decampaign the NRM”, she implored.

She read out the NRM Chairperson President Yoweri Museveni’s message to all the NRM leaders in the country urging them to elect good leaders at LC1 for the benefit of the people since the LC1 leaders are the spokespersons of their respective villages, in charge of ensuring security and will also be supervising programmes such as the Operation Wealth creation and sensitizing the people on the NRM Development model. In his message President Museveni emphasizes that for a country to stabilize, the LC1s must be reliable and of integrity and that those to be elected must be cooperative, of good will and would support the Government in its development agenda among others.

Mrs. Museveni also encouraged the people not to fear and shun lining behind their preferred candidates saying this is a very good and transparent procedure which even limits bribery. She congratulated all those who were duly elected as leaders of the Village Women Committees on 3rd July 2018, where the NRM Party has an average win of over 85% in Ntungamo District according to the NRM District Registrar.

The Woman MP Ntungamo District Beatrice Rwakimaari lauded Government for letting the LC1 elections, which had stalled for a long time, finally to take place. She said electing leaders of the LC1 Councils, which are the first Courts of law, will certainly contribute to fighting much of the lawlessness in society today. “Let us all cooperate and work together to hunt for votes for the NRM Flag bearers at this level”, she urged.

The MP Ruhaama Moses Kahima Mugabe also urged the NRM leaders in Ntungamo District to unite and work together to ensure that all LC1 positions are won by the NRM Party Flag bearers.

He reminded the NRM members that the Party is bigger than individuals and therefore they should always ensure to observe discipline and adhere to the principles of the Party. He for example pointed out that it is unacceptable for an NRM member to support an independent candidate or any other, apart from the NRM Flag bearer.

Ntungamo NRM District Registrar Maria Mirembe reported that the NRM Party is fielding 100% for the LC1 elections in the 983 villages in Ntungamo District.

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