First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni with the NRM leaders from Ruhaama at Rwakitura after their meeting to plan for the forth coming by-elections for the MP Ruhaama.


The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni who is also Ntungamo District NRM Chairperson has appealed to all the NRM Leaders and people of Ruhaama Constituency to remain united and rally behind Moses Kahima Mugabe, the official NRM Flag bearer, in the forth-coming by elections for Member of Parliament for Ruhaama.

She said the NRM Party derives its strength from the unity of its members.

She was addressing NRM Leaders from Ruhaama during a meeting she convened at her country home in Rwakitura Kiruhura District to prepare for the Ruhaama Constituency by-elections scheduled for 11th January 2018.

The meeting that attracted over 80 people including the District NRM Executive, District Councilors, LC III Chairpersons and Subcounty NRM Chairpersons, Youth leaders, Opinion Leaders, leaders of the business community and those NRM candidates who lost in the Primaries but have accepted to support the Party’s Flag bearer. It was also attended by the Deputy Attorney General and MP for Rushenyi Hon. Mwesigwa Rukutana, Ntungamo District Woman MP Beatrice Rwakimaari, and James Tweheyo a member to the NRM Part Central Executive Committee (CEC) among others.

Mrs. Janet Museveni appreciated Ruhaama people and the leaders for keeping together when they lost their MP the late William Zinkuratiire who passed away in October 2016 and encouraged them to be united behind the NRM Flag bearer Moses Kahima so as to continue with the Party leadership in the Constituency. “We should keep the candle of development burning”.

She condemned politics based on religious, clan, group and tribe sectarianism and intrigue and urged the leaders to go out as foot soldiers to mobilize the people to ensure the NRM Party’s landslide victory in this by-election.

She also thanked the leaders for being strong roots for NRM in Ruhaama Constituency and credited them for always remembering where the Movement Government brought Uganda from.

Hon. Mwesigwa Rukutana reminded the leaders about the obligation in the Party’s Constitution of all members of the NRM to observe discipline and adhere to the decisions of the majority. He said the interests of the Party supersede any individual interest. He also reminded them that the Party Constitution provides for disciplinary committees at all levels and measures against any misconduct of NRM members with dismissal from the Party being the ultimate penalty to anyone who goes against the rules. He emphasized that it is unacceptable and tantamount to indiscipline for anyone who participates in the NRM primaries and fails to win to stand as independent.

Hon. Beatrice Rwakimaari Woman MP Ntungamo District thanked the people of Ruhaama and Ntungamo District for being supportive of the NRM Party. “If you want steady progress in Ntungamo you must vote the NRM Flag bearers and consolidate the achievements so far made”, she said.

The NRM Flag bearer Moses Kahima Mugabe pledged undoubtable loyalty to the NRM Party.

Six of the contenders in the NRM Primaries including Dr. Bazinzi Natamba Tito, Ntare Adens Lutaro, Johnson Rumanywa, Pamela Owembabazi, Tom Rwomushana and Mpeirwe Arthur all concede defeat and openly pledged their support to Moses Kahima the NRM Flag bearer. They say the Party is bigger than them as individuals.

In their memorandum read by the Chairperson of Ruhaama Leaders Forum Tom Muhoozi they congratulated Ugandans upon the successful Constitutional amendment of Article 102(b) and President Museveni for assenting to the Age Limit Bill.

The Forum identifies problems of Ruhaama, the causes of these problems and also forges unity among the people of Ruhaama. They pointed out the challenges facing the constituency including its vast size and large population of 242,000 people which has made service delivery difficult.

Other people who addressed the meeting include Ntungamo LC 5 Chairman Dennis Singahache and the RDC Justine Mbabazi.

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