First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs.Janet Museveni together with Mityana Woman MP Judith Nabakooba (on her right) and State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda (on her left) inspect a stall for a Women’s group from Mityana District which adds value to mushrooms.This was during a Symposium of grassroots women leaders from all over Mityana District held on Saturday at Enro Hotel in Mityana Municipality.


The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni has lauded women of Mityana District for engaging in income generation to improve on their families’ welfare. She said that it is important for all families in the country to work hard and earn an income at household level because even if Government excelled at all the work it is required to do and the families remained poor, Uganda would still be a poor country.

“Even if Government extends electricity and water to all over Uganda, people cannot afford to connect these utilities to their homes when they don’t have the money”, she gave an example.

Mrs. Janet Museveni said all this while addressing a Symposium of grassroots women leaders from all over Mityana District on Saturday at Enro Hotel in Mityana Municipality. The symposium to sensitize and empower the women on how to improve on their household incomes was organized by Mityana Woman MP Hon. Judith Nabakooba. A number of Members of Parliament and Mityana District Chairman Joseph Luzige also attended among other dignitaries.

Mrs. Museveni said she has had the opportunity to live in other countries in the world which do not have good weather and this always makes it difficult for me  to accept that Uganda and its people remain poor in the environment they live in with the blessing of a good climate that God gave the country. “I believe that if we change the way we do the things we do on a daily basis, we can also change the quality of life of our families in every part of Uganda”

She encouraged the women to know and fear God and also make Him the foundation of their families because as the Bible says ‘the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom’. “If you know God and make Him the foundation of your family, God will not allow your family to remain backward. He will give you wisdom to develop your home”, she counseled and advised them to also avoid issues that create violence in homes.

She reminded the women of the importance of a peaceful environment in their homes and avoidance of domestic violence saying that no work can thrive without peace at home. She advised the women to always start by writing down all the things required in their homes on a monthly basis, their cost and then plan on how to raise that money from the enterprises they are engaged in at household level. “When you don’t plan and you do things haphazardly, it never adds up to give you what you desire”.

During the Symposium, Mrs. Museveni also launched the Mityana Grassroots Women Development Organization and planted what she calls a financial seed to empower the work the women are doing to improve their household incomes.

Mityana Grassroots Women Development Organization, a brain child of Hon. Judith Nabakooba, aims at improving the social welfare and economic status of women, their households and the community as a whole through community driven initiatives.

Hon. Judith Nabakooba said the impact of continued land disputes, domestic violence and poverty has affected the women, youth, widows and orphans hence the increasing number of vulnerable people in Mityana District. She said their organization has come up with non-formal skills training projects to help the women and youth boost their livelihoods and projects like bee keeping, poultry, piggery, vegetable and fruit growing among others are being promoted.

Nabakooba thanked Government for the development programs including the support to women groups under the Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program and the youth under the Youth livelihood program. She however cited the hustle women go through to access agriculture inputs from NAADS and Operation Wealth Creation and requested for specific consideration for the women and youth.

The State Minister for Tourism who is also MP Mityana North Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda lauded Mrs. Janet Museveni for being a good and exemplary mother and for always using her God-given gifts for the benefit of the most vulnerable in society.   Ends.

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