First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni, State Minister for Higher Education Dr. J.C Muyingo and other officials arrive at the office of the President Conference Hall in Kampala for the UNATU High Level Stakeholders Meeting on Saturday.


The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni while attending the UNATU High level stakeholders meeting last Saturday informed the District Education Officers and Inspectors of Schools that they had so much to do with ensuring effective and efficient teaching in the country.

“Quality Education can only come from Quality Teachers”, she remarked and informed them that in the past a region like Greater Ankole had two school inspectors who everybody knew by name, but school inspection was done excellently. “Therefore, when we look at the numbers gathered here today, in comparison, if everybody resolved to do their work, there would be a miracle in the Education Sector because problems of ghosts would become a thing of the past”, she said.

She tasked the Inspectors of Schools to do their job well for the benefit of the community and strongly criticized some of the Inspectors that are reportedly in the habit of summoning teachers to their offices instead of visiting them at their Schools.

She noted that it is in the interest of the Ministry of Education to build and serve Uganda together with UNATU and therefore if the Ministry does not work with you to solve the challenges, we shall have betrayed the people of Uganda.

She reminded the meeting that restoring a country like Uganda needs people to take their eyes away from themselves and focus on the people they serve and the children. She observed that without UPE and USE many children would not have had the opportunity to have education.

She was pleased to note that a number of unlicensed schools have been closed and called on the education personnel and administrators to sensitize the people about the issue of schools which were closed. She also paid tribute to the Parliamentary Committee members who visited and inspected some of these schools saying that their visit helped to clarify to the public that the schools we closed should have been closed a long time ago.

Mrs. Museveni said that the NRM Government’s target among other things is to provide accommodation for teachers in a phased manner. She also informed the meeting that the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the National Identity Registration Authority will register the learners in order to eliminate ghost students.

She called on teachers to be nationalistic and patriotic and through UNATU to help the Government ensure quality education in the country.

She paid tribute to UNATU for partnering with Government and thanked it for convening all the different stakeholders at the forum that is aimed at finding ways to raise the quality of education offered in our schools.

Mrs. Museveni agreed to discuss with Ministry of Public Service with the view to resolve the issue of teachers who have up-graded and failed to get appropriate remunerations.

The Minister of State for Higher Education Dr. Chrizestom Muyingo thanked the First Lady for loving the teachers. He also thanked her for bridging the gap between the teacher and the Ministry. He observed that inspection is critical for effective learning to take place. He said that the most important inspector is the head teacher.

A prominent Education specialist Dr. Mary Goretti Nakabingo who presented a key note address observed that the learning of a student is the defining factor in quality education. She said that the role of political leadership can support or hinder the performance of teachers. She said that learning should take place by doing both internal and external evaluation.She was pleased to note that Uganda’s inspection framework was in line with the global standards.

The Under Secretary of the Ministry of Education Aggrey Kibenge who represented the Permanent Secretary Alex Kakooza said that a Head Teacher is the engine that drives the school and Government must invest in them.

The Chairman of UNATU Zadok Tumuhimbise thanked the First Lady for blessing the meeting. He said that their target was to achieve teachers’ effectiveness for the benefit of our country.  He observed that teachers are the drivers of quality education.

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