First Lady Launches Boarding Facility at Gems Cambridge International School

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni has launched a boarding facility for the students of Gems Cambridge International School Kampala.

Mrs. Janet Museveni, who visited the school located in Butabika on Wednesday afternoon, cut the tape and unveiled the plaque to commemorate the launch. She was later taken on a guided tour of the new high quality complex by the Principal of the school Mr. Neville Sherman. The facility comprises of two modern storied well furnished buildings which will accommodate a total of 150 students.

We look to you to set a sterling example of what a truly good boarding school can achieve, not just by the fine-looking facilities we have seen, but by the character you will build in each individual student who goes through this institution.

Mrs. Janet Museveni said while addressing the school management, teachers, students and parents who gathered to witness the launch.

She pointed out that a good boarding school that will create a truly exceptional learning experience must have four important ingredients which cater for the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the children.

She emphasized that the greatest ingredient for success in education is that invisible quality of a God fearing character and moral integrity that parents and society in general are looking for.

She observed that many people from all walks of life, who studied from traditional boarding schools in Uganda that had a long and rich tradition of Christian Faith, were positively influenced by the very strong foundation of faith inculcated into their lives.

Therefore as a parent and grandparent I can say with conviction, that what parents and society are looking for in a school is ultimately a place that will have a fundamental impact on their children’s character and value system.

Mrs. Museveni reminded the Gem Cambridge school authorities about the enormous task ahead of managing and maintaining a boarding school, saying that they are now the ones accountable for the actions and discipline of the students entrusted to their care for weeks or months on end. “The parents who entrust their children to you do so in the hope and trust that you will add value to them”.

She criticized schools that fail to provide support, guidance and supervision which permits a few bad elements to ruin other students with practices such as delinquency, substance abuse and unacceptable and illegal sexual orientations among other evils.

It is my hope and prayer that, in a few years’ time, we shall have a crop of intelligent, well-groomed and well-mannered young men and women who will proudly claim GEMS Cambridge International School as their alma mater. That will be your proud contribution to the development of this nation and this Continent.

The Principal GEMS Cambridge International School Mr. Neville Sherman said that what they want the new Boarding facility at Gems Cambridge to become is a home characterized by care, patience, respect, valuing each other’s views, falling out and forgiving each other, appreciation and more importantly love.

He said this boarding facility is a solution for parents who have been looking beyond Uganda’s borders for a high quality boarding education.

The Director of Boarding Peter Sawyers said the school is looking forward to taking good care of the children starting with this coming Sunday when they start reporting.