First Lady Grateful for Forthcoming Vision for Africa’s Projects in Karamoja

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni has said it is good to hear that Vision for Africa International will be extending their services to benefit the people in the Kararamoja region.

She said the communities in Karamoja still need people who are committed to serving God and those who have a stake in serving the people to continue supporting them and walking with them on their journey to transformation.

The First Lady was meeting a team from Vision for Africa International, led by their founder and Director Maria L. Prean, who called on her at State House Nakasero recently to brief her on their programme for Karamoja.

Vision for Africa International, whose goal is to provide education for needy children and to give them hope for the future, will over the coming 10 years dig 1,000 wells, build kindergartens, primary schools, clinics, work with the people to help them become good farmers, teach them about hygiene and sanitation, support the elderly and try to initiate other community projects in the Districts of Karamoja.

Mrs. Janet Museveni appreciated the founder of Vision for Africa International, popularly known as Maama Maria, an Austrian who has leaved in Uganda for many years and has established many projects supporting the vulnerable children in the country. She said God has used Maama Maria as a humble servant of God who provides a good example of obedience to the Lord.

We are all building a global village and it is God’s wish to see us do a good job because we are doing it for His glory and for the future generation to find a better place to live in

she added.

You can go to Karamoja knowing that you have the blessing of Government

Janet Museveni assured the Vision for Africa International team while flagging them off.

Maria Prean commended Mrs. Janet Museveni for laying a foundation of hope and faith in the people of Karamoja when she was the Minister for Karamoja Affairs.