Janet Museveni Welcomes Campus France Collaboration

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni has welcomed a potential collaboration of her Ministry with Campus France, a French public agency that promotes higher education abroad and coordinates study services for international students in France.

The collaboration will see Ugandan students attain scholarships to study in French universities and other institutions of higher learning.

Mrs. Janet Museveni said that this collaboration presents an opportunity for Ugandan students to acquire skills in various study disciplines that are essential in addressing the current unemployment challenges.

We are trying to skill Ugandans for industries and if this initiative can start quickly it would add to what we are already doing, therefore we welcome it greatly.

The Executive Director of Campus France, Madame Beatrice Khaiat said they plan to open a coordination office in Uganda soon to work with different stakeholders including the Ministry of Education and Makerere University. They will start with short courses and internships and gradually embark on fully fledged professional courses.

These courses to be taught in English will begin in September 2017 and the possible areas of study will be identified depending on the need and will include petroleum and agriculture.

The meeting in Paris on Monday was also attended by the Ugandan Ambassador to France H.E Nimisha Madhivan and her counterpart H.E Sophie Makame the Ambassador of France to Uganda who were both supportive of this initiative.