First Lady Appreciates Information On Health Service Delivery in Karamoja

The First Lady and Karamoja Affairs Minister Janet Museveni has appreciated information about the health services delivery in the seven Districts of Karamoja saying it will help Government in its planning process to improve the services in the region.

The First Lady said this after receiving a report compiled under the “Responding to the Chronic Emergency in Karamoja” Project implemented by the Doctors With Africa CUAMM an Italian Organisation in partnership with UNICEF.

The report highlights inadequate human resource in most of the health units as one of the causes of poor health services delivery. This, it attributes to the Human Resource Ceilings set by the Central Government and says this can be addressed by exercising flexibility to some Districts like those in Karamoja.

It observes the need for improving the oversight by duty bearers so as to address the problems in management and control between the Central Government, Districts and the Health teams at all levels.

It also recommends establishment of a methodology for Districts to follow guidelines to the letter and ensure transparency of all funds allocation so that lower level health units are not deprived of their share.

The CUAMM officials also briefed the First Lady about their Organisation whose mission is to ensure that people especially the vulnerable have good health as a human right and has been operating in Karamoja for a decade.

While CUAMM’s major focus is currently on information management, it has also supported District Health Teams and attached to them its Doctors and Public Health Specialists. It has offered scholarships to 51 boys and girls to train as nurses and clinical officers. The Organisation has also rehabilitated the Health Centre IVs in the region and supported Matany Hospital.

The First Lady thanked Doctors With Africa CUAMM for their compassion and commitment to serve the people of Karamoja.