Russians to Invest in Solar Energy in Karamoja

The First Lady Janet Museveni has welcomed investors willing to invest in Karamoja assuring them of her support and commitment to bring development to this region.

The First Lady Janet Museveni met the Team of Russian Investors led by the Ugandan Ambassador to Russia Moses Ebuk together with Members of Parliament from Karamoja sub-region at State House Nakasero on 14/02/2012.

Free Engineering Traditions from Moscow Russia are to construct a 100 MW solar power plant, a manufacturing factory for solar panels and associated assessors. The company will offer scholarships for students in Karamoja to study in Russia in High Technology.

It will also produce clean water for the people of Karamoja and construct smaller solar plants of 2mw in each district in the region.

Members of Parliament and local governments from Karamoja Sub-region have already identified land for the investors where the 2 year project will be constructed in consultation with the district officials.